Need Music Ltd Are Recruiting

Recruit V1Need Music Ltd are recruiting! As our business continues to expand, we are now ready to take on a new employee.

If you have a musical background and want to work in the industry, please read the job description below and send your CV to, along with a 2 paragraph explanation of why you would be great for the role. Closing deadline is Friday 22/05/2015. Good luck.

Job Description
Role: Event Coordinator
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne/ North Tyneside
Hours: Adhoc
Rate: Negotiable

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Featured Artist #004 – Kirsty Forster Duo

kirsty forster duo• Names:

Kirsty Forster and Richard Naisbett

• Location:


• How long have you both been playing together?

4 years

• What was it that drew each of you to music originally?

Kirsty: I had always loved to sing, but when I took music at GCSE, my love for it grew from there! I finally decided I wanted a career in music at college, when I was introduced to how amazing it can be.

Richard: I heard John Miles ‘Music’ and Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’. I also had a natural ability for piano. Continue reading

Gig For Victory #003 – Setlist Choice

The next instalment of our ‘Gig For Victory’ blog series aimed at helping new musicians improve their gigging experience is focused on ‘song choices’.

Picking a goosetlistd set list for your gig is vital to successfully gaining new fans.

As always, this advice is based upon coordinating over 1.000 gigs in the North East of England, but may not apply to everyone. We’re also focussing mainly on cover songs too, so if you only do originals then please leave a comment below and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

The best piece of advice for a new musician is to look at  he age range of your audience. Playing the latest George Ezra hit will go down a storm  in the student union bar, but less so in a Northumbrian village pub. Also, playing your favourite band’s songs is all well and good, but if the band is for example, The Cooper Temple Clause then the likelihood is no one is going to know what you’re playing! The key thing to take from this is, playing songs people know is going to win the audience over and make your gig a great experience. Engaging the audience will make a great atmosphere, and hopefully lead to more gig bookings. Also remember that if you are looking to get  paid gigs, the promoter or venue will generally only book musicians who play crowd pleasers, so be prepared to sell out if you aim to make a living from live performance! Take a look at the illustration for some of the most popular songs played by paid musicians. Notice you probably know all of them, and so will the audience in any bar. Continue reading

Featured Artist #003 – Afnan Prince

• Name: Afnan Prince afnan promo

• Age: 26

• Location: Mr Lynch Jesmond

• How long have you been performing? I’ve been performing since I was 16

• Who have been your musical influences? Jeff Buckley, Matt Corby, Bright Eyes— specifically. But I’ve also had quite an operatic, musical theatre background, which has broadened what I listen to. Also, of course, a bit of hip-hop never hurt anyone!

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Gig For Victory #002 – Getting A Gig


Firstly, this article is aimed at new musicians, who don’t have much gigging experience. If you are a professionally paid musician this isn’t for you. As an acoustic singer songwriter living in North East England you are lucky enough to have many options when it comes to booking a gig – there are an abundance of events every week that cater for all levels of players. Lets divide these into three groups to help understand how the gigging scene works.

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Featured Artist #002 – Samuel Thomas

1. Name: Samuel Thomas


2. Age: 24

3. Location: The Lord Clyde, Byker

4. How long have you been performing? I have been performing since I was 15, but I have had this band for a year or so.

5. Who were your musical influences growing up? Growing up I was into a lot of pop punk bands (Blink 182, New Found Glory, Greenday etc.). The more music I listened to, the more varied my taste became but I did have a very big screamo/metal phase as I think most teens my age would’ve had!

Currently my influences vocally are the likes of Paolo Nutini, Ben Howard and, lyrically, I would say Alex Turner, Jamie T etc.

6. What have been your biggest achievements to date? I had the pleasure of supporting King Charles at the Live Lounge in Durham. In the future, I think mainly my biggest achievements would be just writing music and getting it played on the radio and receiving great feedback. Its still early days for me yet but Ive already had some awesome experiences.

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Testimonial & New Venue in Newcastle

imageWhat an exicitng few days it has been for us guys at NEED Music…

To start with we got a lovely Little testimonial from one of our corporate clients;

“Need Music offers great live music, packed with original and fresh local talent.

A relaxed yet professional management style makes them easy and efficient to deal with.

In conclusion, I would certainly recommend Need Music.” – Claire Lambert, Client Services Co-ordinater, Newcastle United Football Club.

Things like this make all the difference to small local companies and certainly sticks a big smile on our chops!

And then the big news….we are just thrilled to announce that we will doing a weekly acoustic music night at Popolo’s on the quayside. Starting this Thursday. What’s not to love about live music, happy hour drinks (2 pints of Amstel for £5, 2 glasses of vino for £6 and 2 cocktails for £8!) and did we mention its the start of the BANK HOLIDAY!!!!! Race you to the front!

Olivia Devine – Featured Artist #001

Introducing Olivia Devine, our very first “Featured Artist”

olivia review

1. Name: Olivia Devine

2. Age: 17

3. Location: Mr Lynch, Jesmond

4. How long have you been performing?

I’ve been performing just over a year now. I started gigging and posting online in February of last year.

5. Who were your musical influences growing up?

I have so many! To name a few though, Billy Joel, Marvin Gaye, Jeff Buckley and, obviously, Michael Jackson!

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Wedding Singers

new wedding promoYou can rely on Need Music Ltd to provide you with a first class musician to sing at your wedding.

We have a selection of guitar vocalists for you to listen to below – just click on the YouTube videos to have a listen. We also have other types of musicians, such as pianists, rock & pop bands and even a Spanish band. Whatever your style we will find someone great to fit the bill.

In addition, our artists will learn your favourite song to make your day extra special at no extra cost.

To book your singer now call 07808660433 or fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to your within 24 hours.

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Gig For Victory #001 – Stage Presence

Stage Presence

STAGE PRESENCELearning your setlist and being able to sing it flawlessly is definitely an achievement, but performing live is about more than that. It is known that that Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is by no means the best singer in the industry, but his stage presence is almost tangible.

It is normal to feel nervous whIlst singing live, but the quicker your confidence grows the better response you will get the crowd.

Here are some key points that will help you through a perfect performance.


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